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Primitive-Heart-Bird-Pinkeep-primbynature (3)

I just love the blue gray color of these fabrics

They are so easy to work with and coordinate so well together. I used to be able to get these in red as well but I have not been able to find them

I made this heart a while ago and I was playing around making different birds ~ I don’t know what kind of bird it is but I was going for a chubby chickadee shaped bird. Anyway I liked how the bird looked on top of this heart so this is the finished piece. I added a cute little strawberry in some civil war patterned fabric for a bit of interest

primitive-makedo-pinkeep-strawberries-bird-primbynature (5)

This piece started out as several fabrics that I absolutely adore

I used the faded cream fabric as the base and for the strawberries and the birds wings. The bird is made from some civil war reproduction fabric in the grayed blue. I sewed all 5 strawberries by hand and then added another faded blue fabric for the strawberry tops. At 12 inches tall this is a pretty impressive pin keep for the collector. It is also pretty heavy due to the rusty finished glass base it is sitting on

primitive-makedo-pinkeep-strawberries-bird-primbynature (6).JPG

Both of these lovely pin keeps are available on eBay through April 23rd, 2017

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Springtime Blessings ~ Delilah