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primitive scarecrow wreath

Good Morning

It is so peaceful in the studio this morning. As I take a few moments to check my emails and finish my coffee it dawns on me that as a primitive artist I am always so far ahead of the seasons that I never really take the time to enjoy the present

Here I am finishing up all of my Autumn and Halloween designs which I began creating in April – Autumn isn’t even here yet and I am now thinking about Thanksgiving and Christmas projects

I dug this little guy out for another season the other day and I was immediately transported to my childhood. See that, I am either in the future or the past!

Finishing the thought…

I remember, As a child I was fascinated with Scarecrows but at the same time I was terrified. To this day I will not enter a corn field alone or ever if I can help it

This primitive scarecrow is how I think they should look all smiley with a cute little crow on his shoulder, a dried sunflower & burlap hat sitting in a field of Sweet Annie and bittersweet. This pattern Tennessee Ridge pattern has always been one of my favorites – he gets many greeters throughout the season and he never fails to bring a smile.

I really do need to take a moment to enjoy the moments in my day and realize that someday these are going to be the good old days

Autumn Blessings to you all ~ Delilah